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It will cost you a lot less than what you might think!
Wherever you are with just one phone call we will be there to solve your problem.
We will check your exhaust, wheels alignment, your exhaust fumes, your breaks, visual control, lights align, and all other vehicle parts necessary for the MOT check.

If it’s time for your vehicle’s MOT, bring it to our service station and have your coffee with us at our clean and comfortable space while we MOT your vehicle.
We can open your car, your house and any other locks that you might want them to be opened for you!

We have the experience and tools to make a new immobilizer key for your car!

24 hour- 365 days per year car opening service.

We offer a very thorough MOT for your vehicle. Passing your MOT from us, you are ensured that you have a safe vehicle for you and your family.

Don't panic!

We can re-program your cars immobilizer key and save you a lot of money
Wel'll put you back home in no time!
If you are looking for car accessories, this is the place to be. When we say we have everything, we mean everything!

We have the tools to re-program it for you

We offer 24hour - 365 days per year house locksmith services!

Lights, audio, locks, car mats, cleaning materials, car tools, everything!

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