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PMW Motors


Public Announcement

We provide service and repair for types of motorbikes.


Company Description

Our company is established since 2007 and the owner is Mr. Panayiotis with over 10 years experience in motorbike servicing. We have one store in Limassol. We are motorbike mechanics and we do what we do best.

We provide motorbike service, motorbike tire change and balancing, diagnosis with a computer. We also sell helmets and motorbike uniforms. And, we sell accessories for BMW motorbikes, Aprilia and Motoguzi as well as many other motorbike brands and models.

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1. Buy your motorbike’s tires from us, and get installation and balancing for free!
Amazing offer.

2. We offer full motorbike service for any type of motorbike!
Call us now.

3. Want an Aprilia or Motoguzi bike? Choose yours here!
Visit us today.

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Some of the Products/Services we offer

Full Service Motorbike Mechanics
Motorbike Service
Used and New Motorbike Sales
Motorbike Tire Change
Motorbike Tire Sales
Motorbike Tire Balancing
Motorbike Diagnosis
Motorbike Batteries
Motorbike Helmets
Biker Clothes
BMW bike accessories
Aprilia and Motoguzi motorbikes Dealer

Brands Offered

Motoguzi (motorbike sales)
BMW (motorbike service and accessories)
Suzuki (motorbike service)
Continental (motorbike tires)
Pirelli (motorbike tires)
Metzeler (motorbike tires)
Bridgestone (motorbike tires)
Michellin (motorbike tires)
Exide (motorbike batteries)