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Moiseos DPI

Moiseos DPI

22465555 - 22431010

Public Announcement

Digital Printing Installation!


Company Description

Our company is the first in the field of large-scale format digital printing. We can print on a variety of materials like PVC, VINYL, PHOTO PAPER, TRANSPARENCIES, as well as on more specialized materials like thick cardboard, glass, wood and metal. In other words we can basically print on any flat/printable surface.

Apart from that our company is specialized in creating custom-made paper display stands, for P.O.P, P.O.S or any promotional activities. We offer light weight printable materials, that can hold any kind of weight, to satisfy any customer needs.


Our Offices

12, Andrea Zakou street, Industustrial Area Kokkinotrimithias, 2660, Kokkinotrimithia

3, Pouliou & Kapota street, 1035, Pallouriotissa


Some of the Products/Services we offer

Cars advertising stickers
Digital prints
Advertising banners
Photography printing
Copy center
Bookbinding projects
Transparency printing
CD printing
Dry mountain
Iron-bound printing
Customized display stands
Advertising signs
Exhibition & seminar banners


Moiseos DPI