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Hoglastos Advertising


Public Announcement

Get maximum impact for your products or services by using our outdoor LED Screens. Pricing from €0.05 per spot.


Company Description

Hoglastos Adv company imports and installs outdoor advertizing LED technology screens. It manages the LED screens and the advertizing time to offer an attractive, economical and efficient way of advertizing of your services and/or products.

Our advertizing means contribute to a significant increase of each business sales because it gives the following benefits:

• Capability to show the advertising message to a large number of people at all types of buyers
in different areas.
• Affordable advertizing cost for every business.
• Possibility for each company to choose the time period and frame it needs to be advertized.
• Repeatability of the advertizing cost.
• Ability to attract buyers while on the move.
• Easy and direct change of the advertizing spot.

All the Displays are connected and checked from our Main Offices with the most reliable virtual private network (CYTA's business IP-VPN) with 100% security.

The screens operate from 7am to 24pm.

It costs 5 cents per 15’’ advertizing spot. Minimum charge is €60 per screen (equals 1200 advertizing spots at the timeframe of 5h).VAT is not included in the above prices.

Minimum 40 advertizing spots viewing per day.

We remain at your disposal for anything you may need.

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Our Offices

2, Theanous Street, 3010, Tsiflikoudia


Some of the Products/Services we offer

Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor LED Advertising


Hoglastos Advertising