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EliaSpeed Car Accessories


Public Announcement

Everything that has to do with car accessories, immobiliser keys and locksmith services, you will find it here. Check out our Promotions!


Company Description

Through our office in Limassol we offer various car related services and accessories like electric windows, xenon lights, central locking systems, key cutting stamps, number plates and radio cd installation with addition of a 24 hour locksmith service.

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1. All the Car Accessories you can ever need!
Visit us to see our collection.

2. Is the chip on your immobilizer key not working?
We re-program it for you.

3. Have you locked yourself out of your car?
24 hour- 365 days per year service.

4. Lost your keys?
Call us now.

3. We can re-create your cars immobilizer key!
Call us today.

4. Have you locked yourself out of the house?
24 hour- 365 days per year service.

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Our Offices

75A, Omonias street, 3048, Limassol


Some of the Products/Services we offer

24hour Locksmith Service
Radio CD Installation
Car Bluetooth Hands-free
Electric Power Windows
Xenon Lights
Central Locking
Parking Sensors
Number Plate Creation
Key Cutting
Stamp Creation
Immobilizer Keys Creation
Installation of Car Central Locking with Remote


EliaSpeed Car Accessories
  • Business and Pen Stamps
  • Immobilizer Key Programming and Key Heads
  • Outdoor Car Mirrors - Side Car Mirrors
  • Interior Car Accessories
  • Car Cleaning Products
  • Car Performance Accessories
  • Car Number Plates
  • Wipers and Cleaning Products
  • Speakers, Tweeters and Woofers
  • Parking Sensors, Battery, Halogen Bulb, Gauge
  • EliaSpeed Car accessories Shop  1
  • EliaSpeed Car accessories Shop  2
  • EliaSpeed Car accessories Shop  3
  • Radio Head Units
  • GPS and Bluetooth
  • Radio Stands
  • Accessories Stands
  • street name plates
  • street plates
Business and Pen Stamps

Brands Offered

Alpine (car audio, navigation systems)
Armor All
Formula 1
Turtle Wax
Master Lock
Bury Technologies