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The City of Limassol




In this article you will read a brief description about Limassol and its history.
The meaning of Limassol’s name as well as the time that it was built is uncertain. The city lies to the south, between the ancient kingdoms of Amathus and Curιum. Throughout its history the city suffered from the Saracen raids, the wars between the crusaders who set her ablaze, and from natural disasters.
Today, Limassol is the second largest city on the island and the maritime centre of Cyprus. Its port grew in importance after the 1974, Turkish occupation of the port of Famagusta and its population grew when Greek Cypriot Refugees from the occupied north and occupied Famagusta settled in Limassol. Also, in Limassol settled a large number of refugees from neighbouring Lebanon and more recently a large number of Eastern Europeans.
These events boosted the city’s economic and culture diversity and growth and the city attracted many off shore companies that made her a commercial and popular tourism center


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