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A brief description of Agros village.
Agros – the name in Greek means field - has a flourishing economy, and it is the head village of Pitsilia. It is known as the Village of Roses and a Rose Festival is held here each May. Originally the village grew around the Monastery of Megalos Agros, which was built by monks who came to Cyprus from Kizikos of Asia Minor in 817AD – the time of Iconoclasms - and who brought with them one of the icons of Virgin Mary that was painted by St. Luke. In 1692, when 2/3 of the island’s population died in a plague epidemic, people from the surrounding area settled around the monastery where they found work. When they asked to buy some land from the monastery and the Abbot refused to sell them any land, they rebelled and burnt the monastery to the ground. Later the Church of Panagia Eleousa was built on the site of the old monastery.

What to see? 

Solon Frangoulides Museum: a pioneer of icon paintings, Solon Frangoulides represents the first generation of Cypriot painters. The museum displays a collection of sketches, icons and his personal work objects. It is located near the Church of Panagia Eleousa and the Byzantine Museum.

Panagia Eleousa: it took Solon Frangoulidis 2 years to paint the icons of the church which is on the main village road.

Byzantine Museum: you will find the museum next to the church. It was built to remind the 1894 rebellion and the Megalo Monastery. It contains the old icons which survived the fire.

Church of St. John the Baptist: to find this 19th century church – it is the longest in Cyprus - drive through the village and turn left at the Apeeitios School towards the Sporting Centre. Follow the road, it will get you there. 


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