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How to Listen to and Understand the Signals of our Body



The fact that a human being is not only physical, but also spiritual, is undeniable. Based on research, the role of the psyche, our emotional being and the way of thinking is significant.

How can we listen to and understand the signals of our body? What do various types of pain mean? What are individual parts of the body trying to tell us?

Starting with skeleton, bone structure, spine and muscular system, we have to realize that those represent our posture, attitudes, movement, flexibility, agility. Any mental issue related to “changing position”, “changing attitude”, “load on our shoulders”, “too much on our hips”, “legs shaking from fear” will be manifested through changes in corresponding parts of the body. In a fracture or accidentally broken bones (although there are actually no “accidents”), there is always a sign of a “suddenly changed” life direction, a “suddenly broken attitude” of the mind.

For these reasons, we should carefully analyze the circumstances that brought us to that certain “accident” and see what lies behind.

The role of the digestive system, the stomach and the intestines
, is to process and digest food. How do we cope with life circumstances? Can we “digest a problem” easily, or does it “lie heavily in the stomach”? Are we able to “get rid of something” and eliminate it from the system, οr are we poisoned by “toxic emotions”? The way of our coping with different life situations also affects our digestive and excretory systems, and it can lead to stomach irritation, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and gall bladder problems.

The nervous system is a conductor of electric impulses led through a complicated system of nerves and brain hemispheres.

The brain is a “computer” of the body. It regulates the vital functions of the body such as heartbeat, breathing frequency, production of digestive juices, defecation, movement and body posture, production of hormones, as well as our emotions and feelings.

A question raises here: does the brain control our emotions (by means of hormones and enzymes), or are emotions affecting the brain and the nervous system functions? Is “happiness” just a perfect blend of the brain's neurotransmitters, or is it rather a kind of deep spiritual experience and achievement of inner balance?


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There are many mysteries and questions to be answered between Heaven and Earth, lying beyond human perception and comprehension of this “reality”. If we do our best to try and understand ourselves, our emotional reactions and mental attitudes, we will also understand and see a tangible manifestation of our thoughts in the surrounding physical reality and our entire human existence.

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