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Breathing for Life



By definition, breathing is the process that moves air in and out of the lungs. Clinical studies prove that oxygen, wellness, and life-span are totally dependent on proper breathing. Lung volume is a primary marker of how long we will live.

Breathing supplies over 99% of our entire oxygen and energy supply. Poor breathing causes or worsens chronic maladies such as asthma, allergies, anxiety, fatigue, depression, headaches, heart conditions, high blood pressure, sleep loss, obesity, harmful stress, poor mental clarity plus hundreds of other lesser known but equally harmful conditions. All diseases are caused or worsened by poor breathing.

Optimal breathing gets you more vitality and better quality of life.

Although food, exercise, internal cleansing, attitude, and environment also play the role, breathing is for many the most important part of getting and staying healthy. Begin with breathing. Better breathing is possible for anyone. By optimizing one's breathing and creating the right internal and energetic balance, physiological changes occur through increased oxygenation, breathing coordination and nervous system balance.

This affects the entire human organism and the billions of its functions, including all of the subtle energy systems such as meridians, chakras, and aura.

Ancient Eastern techniques (e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) explain a deeper meaning of breathing. The ancients commonly linked the breath to a life force. The Hebrew Bible refers to God breathing the breath of life into clay to make Adam a living soul. It also refers to the breath as returning to God when a mortal dies. The terms spirit, qi, and psyche are related to the concept of breath.

The so-called inner breathing involves visualization and sensation. By focusing our attention on particular parts of our body and visualizing white light entering and healing the area, we can significantly increase the life force – chi, prana, or energy – in every cell of our body.

This healing breathing can be applied to ourselves as well as others. There are techniques (such as Reiki) that use the principle of intangible connections among all beings, applying distance healing regardless of the geographic location.


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Due to the stressful lives we live and the lack of time we spend resting and relaxing, we somehow forget to enjoy the simple moments in life. But the most important thing in this busy world is for us to find a little time for ourselves, to calm the mind and take a deep breath.

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