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Keep in touch with loved ones when you are abroad




Forget about the old times you had to write postcards or make long haul expensive phone calls to keep in contact with those you love when you were abroad for business or holiday trips. Thanks to satellite internet and the advances in communication services thinks are much simpler nowadays. Read this article and find 4 basic ways of communicating with your beloved ones when you are abroad.
  1. With Internet Calling
    Computer communication programs such as Skype allow you to call your beloved ones directly on their landline or mobile phones at very low rates. If both, you and the person you want to contact have Skype on you computers then can talk for free. The conversation can take place by using your computers camera and microphone.

  2. By Messaging
    Online chatting and instant messaging are considered the most known and popular ways to talk with people. It is very easy plus while you are chatting you can still continue doing any other task you want to do online.

  3. Emailing
    Emails are just like postcards however they arrive to your contacts email inboxes instantly than after a few days. Everyone likes opening their inboxes and finding news and updates of friends when they are abroad.


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  1. By Using Social Networking Websites
    One of the latest ways of keeping contact with friends and family are the so-called social networking websites (i.e. Facebook, MySpace). Through these websites you can even chat instantly with your contacts or even post pictures and videos of your trip.

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