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How to send an email to a possible future employer





There are different ways to communicate with a possible future employers when looking for work; sending an email is one of them. Whether you want to request information about the company before you apply, or to express your interest in an available position, you need to follow certain standard rules when using this form of communication. Here we give you a few tips on how to write a successful e-mail to a possible future employer.


  1. Tip 1. Keep in mind that you will not be the only one applying for an available position.

Because the employer will have to look over many resumes, if you want him/her to respond, you need to get his/her attention by making your subject line stand out, and you need to do that in the first sentence.


  1. Tip 2. Use a standard business letter format. You should include the date, a greeting, address, name and the title οf the job you are applying. This information should appear on the top left corner of your e-mail.

  2. Tip 3. Let the employer know how you found out about the available position (on the website, in the newspaper etc) in the first sentence. Employers use this information for marketing purposes.

  3. Tip 4. Be brief and to the point. Again, remember that employers are busy people with many responsibilities and issues to deal with; they have no time to read through lengthy letters and try to figure out who you are, or why you are writing.  

  4. Tip 5. Be professional, but also be polite and friendly. Keep in mind that although an e-mail may be impersonal, whoever is reading it at the other end is a human being.

  5. Tip 6. Often, the reading of tens of resumes, the screening of candidates can be overwhelming. Give the employer a chance to go through all the resumes and to calm down.  If you don’t hear back from him/her after 2 weeks, contact him/her again, just to remind him/her that you are still interested. Chances are he/she will tell you at what stage the process is, and let you know by when to expect an answer.


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  1. Tip 7. If you don’t get the job, don’t harass the employer. Often companies keep resumes on file; there may be another opportunity, or he/she may not be happy with the candidate he/she has chosen and go through the process of hiring again.

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