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How to make a woman reach maximum sexual arousal!





To open holes on the sheets with her nails


Smell her neck. Tell her you like her scent!


Make her cry of satisfaction!


We all have sex. Well, we all want to have sex. Sex is good! But, as a man, how good are you at it? Many times you will find that the comments a woman makes (or thinks) about your performance in bed (or on the sofa, outside, in the car, in the lingerie changing room, in the parking space, on the mountain, in the sea, on her parents bed, and other places you find yourself doing it) are not as good as you’d expect them to be.

This article gives you the four phases that you have to “implement” in order to give a woman a night to remember.

Note: This article does not cover the quick, “can’t-wait to go inside you” type of sex. It covers the “I have the time to enjoy you” type of sex.

  1. Phase 1: The Excitement

Do not rush into her erogenous zone the moment you see her naked. Take it slow now to gain points later. Use your fingers and lips to awaken her neck, her back and inner thighs. Pass around her erogenous zone at the beginning. Go near it, around it, but DO NOT touch it yet. And let HER bring your body into play instead of seeking stimulation yourself.

Point to remember: A woman’s body needs 11 minutes on average to reach peak arousal. DO NOT rush things.

The woman’s mind can be easily distracted. Distraction means loosing arousal. And, the number one sex buzz kill for women is seeing their own body (of course, you will find women that just looking at their own body get aroused, but that’s for another article). You HAVE TO free her mind of insecurities. Tell her specific compliments about their body: Come close to her neck, smell it (smoothly eh?), whisper to her that you like the smell of her body; touch her skin. Pass your hand over her shoulders and tell her how unbelievably smooth her skin is. Believe what you are saying. Don’t just say it. Tell her how much you desire her (you drive me crazy, you know that?)

Do these things and you have her mind. You have her mind, her passion will follow!

  1. Phase 2: The Plateau

Your goal and duty as a man must be to give the woman you have opposite you the most intensive orgasm possible. Your satisfaction should come from the satisfaction you give to the woman. That’s when you will become an unforgettable sex experience for her. That’s when she will tell her girlfriends about you and that’s when you will start to see them see you differently.

This phase is very important, as it builds on the arousal gained from the Excitement Phase. The Plateau is the woman’s arousal base camp. The trick is to prepare properly for further ascent. If you race through this phase you will not build up tension, and her orgasm will be less intense. This phase is all about delivering focused, steady attention to her clitoris.

DO NOT go inside a woman unless you first show the proper respect to her clitoris!

After you pay the appropriate tributes of respect, you may go inside her. What happens to you at this stage? By now, and especially if the woman starts giving out those sounds that drive all men crazy, your diaphragm muscles start tensing, which speeds your arousal momentum towards orgasm. YOU DO NOT WANT TO FINISH BEFORE HER!!!  Negate this by focusing on slowing down your breathing. This relaxes your diaphragm and prolongs your stay in the plateau phase!

  1. Phase 3: The Orgasm

Read this sentence and remember it for the rest of your life: The closer a woman is to orgasm, the easier it can be for her to lose it!

Changing a position or altering your rhythm and depth of penetration at this stage might send you back to Phase 1. You may change a position, or two, or three at each round, but do not go trying all the positions on the sex calendar on round 1.

But how can you increase the chances of lasting longer than her? Concentrate on what your other body parts are doing (with the exception of what our balls are doing-this will definitely not help you last longer). Concentrate on your arms holding you up, your legs flexing. This doesn’t just distract you from the act of intercourse, but it also ramps up your body awareness and control. You need practice and a lot of concentration to achieve this. It is not a bad idea to try this during your self-abuse activities.

When you achieve this distraction, once you cross the point of no return, your climax becomes a reflex, just like sneezing.

  1. Phase 4: The Resolution

Women can jump into round two almost immediately. If you see she is up for it, move your finger in wide circles just surrounding her now supersensitive clitoris for at least one minute until she it totally ready for more direct stimulation. If you try to immediately stimulate her clitoris, you will find that (many times) the woman will move or flinch when touching her there. Give her that minute to recover. It is not a bad idea at all of course to go down on her again for a while before going inside her again.

15% of women can have multiple orgasms!

What about you? Men need more time to start a rematch. The orgasm triggers the release of the hormone prolactin, which stalls your ability to rrriiiiiseee again. Give it a few minutes before trying to bone yourself up again. Spending time concentrating on arousing her again, will get you ready for a rematch.


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May you have great sex tonight!

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