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Do you have friends who are jealous of you?





Your friend might be jealous of your appearance or professional success.


It is difficult to accept that a friend who you have trusted will harm you.


Jealousy is an emotional weakness and indicates insecurity


If you notice that one of your friends is constantly criticizing you, or comments negatively about your job, your life style and your behaviour  in general, and if that friend is constantly correcting everything you say and tells you that you are always wrong, then there is no doubt that your friend is jealous of you.

You must have met many such ‘friends’, either at work, or in your social circle, who don’t hesitate to stab you in the back in order to gain what they are after. It is certain that you have many stories to tell about betrayal and exploitation involving friends, and you have countless examples of friends who say the best things about you when you are present, but literally ‘bury’ you behind your back.

All friendships start with the best of intentions. Naturally, you expect your friends to whom you trust your thoughts, feelings and problems to defend you, support you and love you. It is therefore, difficult to accept that a friend who you have trusted will harm you. Often, however, jealousy is stronger than the noble feeling of friendship and can turn yesterday’s best friend into tomorrow’s most dangerous enemy who, knowing your secrets and weaknesses will not hesitate to strike you where it hurts the most and use against you everything she/he knows about you.

You don’t need to do something in order to provoke your friend’s jealousy.

Jealousy is an emotional weakness and indicates insecurity which has its roots in the personal experiences of your friend and expresses your friend’s wish to be like you. Your friend might be jealous of your appearance, your professional or social success. Your friend might even feel inferior because of his/her low level of education and for everything he/she did not accomplish in comparison to you. Of course it is not impossible that he/she is simply a bad person by nature who believes that his worth increases by putting you down, and who feels happy only when he/she hurts you.

Friendship is a rare gift and helps you to develop spiritually and emotionally.

A true friend does not humiliate us or hurt us intentionally. He/she is happy for our happiness and sad for our sorrows and failures and always advises us with honesty.

Because good friends offer so much and they are indispensable and necessary, you need to learn to choose them wisely. Of course you don’t know from the start if a person is going to be a good, or a bad friend and you cannot start a friendship based on suspicion. 


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You can, however - when you have proof -,  remove from your life a ‘friend’ who stabs you in the back and makes you feel bad either because he/she humiliates you, or because he/she criticizes you constantly. Such people deserve only pity because they cannot give, or accept the love of friendship. Because what goes around comes around, sooner or later they get a taste of their own medicine.

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