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6 foods to combat stress




You could reduce your life’s stress and take care of your beauty simply by choosing to eat correctly. Make sure that your daily diet includes at least one or more of the subsequent food items and you will see how things will improve. 
A true beauty booster due to the Omega-3 oils it contains, which not only fights stress but also revitalizes skin making it look younger and healthier.

Green Tea
Swap coffee with green tea and suffer less from stress. In addition green tea contains several substances which calm down the nervous system and in addition certain antioxidant substances to control body weight and kindle metabolism. By adding a tea spoon of honey it would make your cup of green tea sweeter.  

They contain amino-acids which unwind blood vessels, stimulating thus the circulation of blood and the oxygenation of skin. Then, the omega-3 oils also contained in walnuts provide elasticity to your skin.

One glass of hot milk prior to you going to bed at night, decreases insomnia and ensures a calm and rested sleep. It is better to choose fat free milk over full fat milk so you do not overload your body with oils. You will feel the temperature of your body increasing relaxing your nervous system making you sleep like a baby.

Dark Chocolate
By eating a small piece of chocolate every day (it contains just 150 calories) you take care of the beauty of your skin since dark chocolate contains substances that moisturize the skin. The same time you mind calms down and stress disappears.


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Chicken Soup
Grandmother’s well known recipe is great for the flu and other gastric turbulence since it contains anti-inflammatory substances calming down any respiratory problems. Moreover it helps you eat less since after a nice bowl of chicken soup you feel full.

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