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5 tips to ace a job interview




While you’re looking for a new job and you’re arranging your interviews with all sorts of companies, be aware that though you have to be qualified for the job, you need to follow some extra tricks that will help you give a very good impression and nail you the job.  All you have to do is be aware of these 5 secrets:
1. Always be prepared: you may not realise it but being prepared is the most obvious but also very important thing you should do before an interview.  Make a checklist of all the things you will need to take with you, like a lot of copies of your CV or any diplomas you might have as an extra.  In order to get there on time, which will show how responsible you are, make a small map with directions in case you get lost.  And don’t forget to leave earlier so you are sure to make it in time.

2. Make eye contact: when you look at the person who is interviewing you, it is something very positive. You show that you are truly interested in everything he or she has to say and obviously interested in the job. Eye contact is a very strong way of communication so this is a key tip to make you impressive.

3. Appropriate dress code: your clothes, even if this sounds a bit crazy, will play a big role in judging whether you are appropriate for the job. It is your only time to make a good first impression, so dress smart according to the job.

4. Knowledge of the company: this is also a very important tip, when you know the company, how it works and what its goals are. If you know about your future employer you will certainly impress the interviewer to actually want him or her to be your future employer.

5. Be aware of your own skills: make sure you are aware of your own skills and qualifications and be ready for any questions about everything on your CV.


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An interview can always be stressful, but with the right preparation  and knowing these little secrets, you are destined to get the job.

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