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4 Tips on how to care for your carpets





Carpeting your house is a serious and costly investment. For this reason you would want to protect your investment and to have your carpet for a long time. In order to prolong the health and life of your carpet you need to put then, some effort into choosing and cleaning your carpet. There are many ways to achieve this. Read below 4 quick steps which will help you to maintain your carpet.

  1. Tip No 1: Don’t let debris disappear deep into the carpet

    If not picked up immediately, large debris such as food break into small pieces with every step you take over the area and go deep into the carpet. As simple as this may sound, picking up large debris before they break down and sink into the carpet, it is still a basic step. Just remember that it is harder and takes more time and energy to remove smaller debris that have entered deep into the carpet; even your vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean them.

  2. Tip No 2: Vacuum regularly

    Don’t wait until you see debris on your carpet to vacuum. Instead, have a regular schedule for vacuuming your carpet in order to keep it clean and healthy. Vacuuming regularly will also improve the air quality of the room, particularly if you use a vacuum with a HEPA filter which works harder to keep the air clean.

  3. Tip No 3: Use professional help

    You can try your best to keep your carpets clean and healthy, but getting professional help once and a while will extend the life and health of your carpets longer because a professional carpet cleaner has the tools and the experience to give your carpet a proper, deep cleaning. Keep in mind that carpets act as filters; if you want your carpet to keep filtering, and if you want to enhance its health and life, then  give your carpet once and a while the  professional attention it deserves.


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If you like this article, click the Like button below so that your friends can get the chance to read it as well.


  1. Tip No 4: Protect your carpets from pets’ nature accidents

    Family pets should enjoy the carpets in your house as much as the rest of the family members. If you have pets around, however, expect nature accidents to happen. Also, keep in mind that pet urine will go through the surface of the carpet to the pad and the floor beneath, it will be absorbed, and it will leave an unpleasant odour. Therefore, if your pet had an accident that left a urine stain on the carpet, get professional cleaning help to take care not only of the stain but also the odour.

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