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› Tips for better searching!

Hello friend!

This page will help you make searching on Cypruslikethis useful for you.

Cypruslikethis has a very easy to use, yet powerful search tool.

Its main purpose is to help you find which companies offer the products or services you are interested in. In addition, it may also find for you promotions related to what you are looking for and provide you with articles that give you simple, but useful information that is good to know before you decide to go and spend your hard-earned cash.


What you need to know

› You don't have to use the word "cyprus" when searching. All the companies on Cypruslikethis are Cyprus-based companies. You can, however, use the word "cyprus" if you wish to find organizations or companies that their name contains this. Some examples:


Instead of thisUse this
used motorbikes cyprus used motorbikes
home appliances cyprus
home appliances


› You can find companies, promotions or articles, simply by typing what you are interested in. Some exmples:


If you want to findThen type this
a kitchen table for your housekitchen table
a carpet for your housecarpets


› You can include the city, district, village, area or postal code in your search. The sequence is not important. Some examples:


If you want to findThen type this
companies who provide eye tests in Limassoleye tests limassol
companies who offer home automation systems in Limassolhome automation systems in limassol
companies who offer corporate identity service in postal code 3022corporate identity 3022


› You do not have to use tones when searching with Greek characters.


› You can search either in Greek or English from anywhere you are on Cypruslikethis. It does not matter whether you are viewing Cypruslikethis in Greek or in English.
› As soon as you enter the 3rd character in the search box, Cypruslikethis will present you search suggestions. You can choose one of the suggestions by using your up and down arrows on your keyboard and pressing Enter. You may then enter the city or area (if you want) and press Enter again to get your results.


Remember : Cypruslikethis will not find you specific products. For example, typing DVD Player XD15V will not give you any results. It will find you product categories, product types, services and brands. Why not specific products? Because it is an impossible task to document all the products offered by all companies in Cyprus and keep them up-to-date in order to present to you reliable information.


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