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MP3s explained




This article is going to explain the 2 types of MP3 players and list their advantages and disadvantages. So if you are looking to buy an mp3 player and you don’t know how to choose, this will help you.
Hard-drive-based players
These kinds of mp3 players have huge memory, ranging from 20GB to 120GB and they keep getting bigger memory and better.
  1. Huge memory, can store everything
  2. More features
  3. Larger screens, easier for the consumer
  4. Almost all have the capability of playing videos
  1. Bigger and heavier than others
  2. Hard drives have moving parts, so these players aren't ideal for use during physical action
  3. Rechargeable batteries that you can't change yourself (usually they don’t last much)

Flash-based players
The original MP3 player design.

  1. No moving parts
  2. Known for their effortless and worry free operation
  3. They can be very small
  4. Easy to change batteries last longer


  1. Absence of screen, or a really small screen makes them a bit harder to use
  2. Not as much memory (max out at 32GB)
  3. Usually only the basic features are available


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No one can say which of the 2 is better. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.
To decide which kind to look for and finally buy needs some thought. You need to think what are your needs and how much will you use it. Search through CyprusLikeThis, am certain sure you will find what you are looking for.

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