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Are you thinking of buying a games console?




Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360; three amazing game consoles with numerous capabilities making it difficult for you to decide which one to buy and which one to leave behind. After doing a short research on these three products we ended up with the following facts just to make your buying decision easier, nevertheless we do not make side to side comparisons.
Presenting the Nintendo Wii
This fantastic next-generation console gives you a great collection of games compatible only to the Wii. On the contrary to the other two consoles, PS3 and the XBOX 360, the Nintendo Wii considers being a gaming console suitable for families as its game are not so violent but they have the same level of addictiveness. This console will also keep you fit as to play its games you literally have to move.  

Presenting the Playstation 3
The magic word for this console is Blu-ray, a technology which cannot be found in any other gaming console. Blu-ray not only will make your game livelier and more detailed but it also has the ability of playing Blu-ray movies advancing therefore your house entertainment system. Unfortunately not many game titles are exclusive to this console yet, however the ones that exist are breathtaking. It is not suggested for young kids since most of its titles are targeted for adults. 

Presenting the XBOX 360
A gaming console created by the Microsoft family earning quickly the respect of the gaming world fans simply for one reason, the Halo game. Numerous players run to buy this console just because it allows them playing this exclusive game even if the console itself comes without a DVD player and does not offer High Definition capabilities. 


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Hopefully after reading the information regarding each gaming console and their capabilities you will be able to finally take a decision. We know that it’s not easy. So we decided to propose a solution. Buy one for the wife to stay fit, one for the children’s to have fun and one for the dad to kill all the bad guys!

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